Nikon PC 19mm Tilt/Shift ED N review

6 March, 2017

The most specialized of the specialized.

In the world of Primes, we lose ‘versatility’, unless you carrying copious amounts of bodies.

We sacrifice the convenience of Zooms, for optical quality and creativity.

We yield more light.

To make matters harder for ourselves, in the Prime world, we can go to another whole level of specialization.

Either on the super telephoto side, say the 400mm f2.8.  It’s either sports or wildlife specifically for that lens and on the Ultra-wide end…

now introducing the 19mm Tilt Shift.


Built unlike any of it’s siblings but also giving Nikon users the option to move on the X AND Y axis simultaneously without modification is something that Canon users have enjoyed for the longest time.

I have had all of the Nikkor Tilt Shifts, the 85 and 45 were fantastic for food shots, product shots and couple shots, more so the 45.

The 24 is like a more subdued 19.  More on that in a second.

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The 19 is built superbly, maybe one of the best in Nikon’s recent history of plastic fantastic.  The Bulbous front end is scary and very confrontational.

Given the coatings and Nkon’s magic receipe’s the flare or lack of is especially noteworthy.

Biggest improvement over the others in the line up is the new shift lever.  Especially on such a Wide because if your using it to shoot people, then you will be shifting up HEAPS.

The siblings make that difficult with the insanely hard to secure lock and also the movement drop from the weight.

This Shift lever solves that in one.  Very precise.

70 100 18 17163

Optically it is insane.  Sharp corner to corner wide open (f4) as you would expect.

It is much easier to use on the Sony A7rII as you can have the camera up to your eye and balance that way with focus magnifier a HUGE assist,

I also use it on my Df with LV.  Either way, for precision focussing, in which you have to be very very precise or you’ll miss focus.  Liveview is the only way to go.

Ideally a tripod as well, but for my line of work, that’s ruled out.

407 1123

So who does this lens suit?

In the Nikon world, if you are into Architectural work, it is a no brainer.  A 3 stitched and fully articulated shift to the left and right vertical panorama is exquisite.

Can you get away with the 14-24 at 14mm and adjust in post… you COULD, but the perspective is much different.  The 19 is more ‘real’.

If you have a 24, should you get the 19?  Only if your crazy.  Sorry, a crazy wide angle junkie.

It adds more drama than the 24, you will be shifting up ALOT more because of the perspective and the 24 given it’s focal length and aperture gives a little more ‘pop’.


Nikon has recently returned to the game HARD, in the last 3 months.  The 19mm T/S, 105mm f1.4 (review coming) and the new 70-200 VR FL are all optically exceptional.

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Welcome back Nikon.

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