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21 February, 2017

Welcome to my page, I am Van Dang.

I was born in Thailand and arrived in Australia when I was 2 years old.

Mum and Dad sacrificed everything they ever knew to give their 3 kids (then, now 5) a ‘better’ life.  A life of opportunity, if you wanted it.

I have lived in Canberra pretty much all my life.  Discovered my passion for Photography at the age of 17 shooting Weddings with Film…

Fast forward a lot of years… I shoot with the state of the art sensors and lenses… coupled with very specific exotic primes.

I don’t do things by halves.  I’m guessing the reason you are at my page is that there is certainly something different to my images that you like, rather than the ‘normal’ fan fare happy snaps you see going around.

What you will find is my appreciation of all things different.

Art certainly is in the eye of the beholder, but optical brilliance is not.

You either have it or you don’t.

I love shooting Weddings.

The captures aren’t really there for you now (although of course you will love them) but they are for your kids and loved ones later, to remember how Mum and Dad celebrated a day all unto themselves… now that is priceless!  :)

So if you after something special… I would love to hear from you, get to know you and become the perfect fit for your Wedding to capture those moments that are all too fleeting.

Kind regards, V

Van Dang


0401 007 515




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