Nikkor 200mm f2 AFS

7 March, 2013


I’m certainly not one for alienating or discriminating… however… this baby is fat.

Heavy, cumbersome and just pure physical hell and hassle.

It’s also close to one of my favourites of all time.

First world problems you see.  During a typical wedding where I can’t get close, whether to preserve the intimacy of the moment or literally, I can’t get close..

the 200mm f2 comes out.

Marry this onto the Nikon D4 and you have a serious receipe for 2 things… unbelievable images and a sore body the next day.

There is no substitute for speed in photography.  This lens shows why.  Pure isolation.

Lightning fast AF this lens just hits, shot after shot… no wonder this and the 400mm f2.8 is an almost exclusive at any Olympic event.


I value diversity in my Photography.  Being good at just the one thing is not enough anymore.  This philosophy trickles into my lens selection as well.

If there is a gap, I will fill it.

The 200mm f2 comes about because of my love of the Nikkor 70-200 VRII which is a superb zoom lens.

When I shoot with that, it is practically glued at 200mm f2.8.  People will add this up as it is ‘only’ a stop difference.

The results couldn’t be more further from the truth.  The design of the 200mm f2 (which I will call Chubs from now on) is a light sucking machine.

My testing shows that on the 70-200 VR II @ 200mm f2.8, the 200mm f2 has to be at f4 to match that look.  That is a lot of performance to be loosing.

Keep in mind Chubs does not need to be stopped down at all for crazy sharpness, it’s sharp right out of the box.

1918 17 16 15 14 1311

It is no co-incidence that Chubs and the Noct are my favourites.

The Noct can give me the gorgeous bokeh and sharpness I want with the 50mm point of view.  Chubs gives me the flatness/compression and pure isolation a fast telephoto lens.

The drawback of this lens is kind of ironic.  To get this monster piece of glass and metal together, weight is not a consideration.   It is porky.

Hand holding this vs the 70-200 which feels about 3 times lighter affects shutter speed.  So what I lose in shutter speed, I gain in optics.

I’ll take the pain and go for optics all day everyday.

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This lens just feels pure.  I love it when a manufacturer builds without price, heft or their clients consideration in mind… :P

The 200mm f2 and the 85mm f1.4 AFS’s are the reason I have yet to move 100% over to a Leica system.

Perfect Optics?  Almost…

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